11-year-old Kid Programmer Creates his own NFT Minter

11-year-old Kid Programmer Creates his own NFT Minter
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Yes, you read it right an 11-year-old programmer, Miguel Wang creates his own NFT Minter.

The young programmer got interested in NFT after reading the news about Beeple’s artwork getting sold for US$69 million in March 2021.

Miguel Wang grew up in a Hong Kong family that believed in coding as the language of the future and created an NFT minter, the CryptoTigers to automatically sell cute pixelated tiger images in the Year of the Tiger.

Once Miguel studied the tiger’s image, he started working on the entire project including website designing, smart contract deploying and marketing. He said that he wanted to be a creator and not just a consumer.

When asked how long it took to finish the project, he said working on designing part to mint his NFTs, took him about five weeks. Furthermore, he said testing his own NFT was the most enjoyable part of the project.

Meanwhile, he also talked about his YouTube Channel ‘cabaci’ where he spends his spare time teaching his subscribers about crypto in a beginner-friendly way.

Last but not the least, Miguel says that his dream is to become a tech entrepreneur. However, he believes that this might change in the coming 10 years.