Gucci x Yuga Labs Unveils KondaPendant NFT

Gucci x Yuga Labs Unveils KondaPendant NFT
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Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club’s parent company Yuga Labs has collaborated with luxury fashion brand, Gucci has launched a new phygital NFT collection comprising physical necklaces.

Yuga Labs has launched the NFT collection Otherside: Relics by Gucci featuring limited edition series of physical Gucci products and its non-fungible tokens. The duo has launched KondaPendant in its first drop. The pendant is the improved version of the current Koda and Vessel NFTs.

Additionally, KondaPendant holders can visualize 3D Avatars in Otherside while Trail VFX will be available soon in summer. From the NFT collection, 3333 tokens are available for purchase using ApeCoin, Yuga Labs’s own cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, each NFT will be sold at 450 APE. However, to own the magical pendant, clients need to own either one Koda or Vessel NFT.

Meanwhile, users can claim the 925 silver antique finish KondaPendant with every KondaPendant token. KondaPendant will also have a unique number engraved on the backside.

The official website of the Yuga Lab x Gucci explains Otherside Relics by Gucci represents the first chapter of a broader partnership between Yuga and Gucci, in which fashion, entertainment, and web3 collide, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in both digital and physical spaces.

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