A0K1VERSE Holders Will Get Early Access to New Song Wild

A0K1VERSE Holders Will Get Early Access to New Song Wild
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Popular EDM producer and DJ, Steve Aoki is offering the A0K1VERSE holders, early access to his latest track “Wild”.

The NFT holders can listen to the track preview on Audius, a decentralized music streaming platform for 48 hours. The track’s aim is to bring Aoki fans together and partake in blockchain-based rewards programs. Steve Aoki’s NFT usage unleashed the track incentives ownership of NFTs thereby strengthening the bond between Aoki and his fans.

The success of Akoi’s drop was made possible by the fans as well as Takis® Intense Nacho. The release of such a powerful track was gifted to the public.

Meanwhile, Forrest Browning, Audius’ Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer said,

Aoki & team have always been on the bleeding edge of exciting new ways to engage their fans, and Audius is proud to power this NFT gated song! Using the Audius network, Aoki is able to reward his most loyal supporters with exclusive tracks that can’t be found anywhere else.

To conclude, the Wild NFT release is one of the examples of the thrilling combination of music and blockchain. It showcases the opportunities that web3 offers.

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