Lazy Lions x OpenSea to Launch Exclusive NFTs

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Lazy Lion, a set of 10K algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, has collaborated with OpenSea and launched an ingenious Open Edition mint.

The minting began on March 28th at 4 pm PT and is live. Participants of the Drop can collect Dark Energy and grab the opportunity to win 80 rare Bitcoin Ordinals.

Lazy Lions and OpenSea collectively have launched an exciting Open Edition mint comprising an on-chain burn mechanism that outcomes in a deflationary supply of NFTs. As and when the NFT holders take hold of the assets, the NFTs combine to form a larger mass of Dark Energy.

The plot twist of Lazy Lions’ narrative is when the villain, the Glitch, is searching for his lost generals. Though the villain, i.e., Glitch’s plan, doesn’t execute successfully, he aims to free up the lion to enclose them as army leaders on the Bitcoin network. Glitch needs bounteous Dark energy to reunite with his generals. You can support the cause by buying the Open Edition NFTs while each is worth 100 Dark Energy points.

The rules are simple; collect as much dark energy as you can and climb higher on the leaderboard. Next, you can be one of the enthusiasts to win limited 80 Bitcoin ordinal NFTs. A few of the NFT holders will get invitations to participate in thrilling high-stakes match. 40 Dark Energy collectors and 19 instant win positions will win exclusive mint spots.

Moreover, 20 collectors who rank outside the top 40 having at least one Dark Energy point will obtain mint spots in the extended 24-hour mint period.

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