Smurfs Enters into Web3 with 3D NFTs

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The Popular Belgian fictional comic franchise, Smurfs have entered the Web3 space with the new NFT Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection.

Web3 experts, entrepreneurs, and artists across the world have come forward to develop the legendary collection featuring 12,500 unique non-fungible tokens based on the 3D-rendered smurf characters.

The new Smurfs NFT collection features 250 unique Smurf Characters and each of them has 50 different variants, totaling 12500 NFTs. In comparison, Smurf characters will come with more than 300 randomized traits including Skins, lighting, and background FX. Besides this, Smurf characters will have some advantages and utilities that make them unique from the rest others.

The utilities incorporate physical prints, raffles to win prizes, game tickets, wine bottles, etc. The Smurfs’ Society collection launches an exclusive bucket auction powered by Rarible to set the value of their NFT collection. Members of the NFT community can set prices for the whole NFT collection.

Meanwhile, Smurfs’ Society will be launching its first 3000 NFT collection on April 18th where the fans can unite and communicate with each other. Holders will be rewarded as and while they engage and perform an action.

Additionally, you can check out ETH NFT drops for trending and the latest drops on the Ethereum blockchain.

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