Momoguro NFT, a Storytelling RPG to Host on ImmutableX

Momoguro NFT, a Storytelling RPG to Host on ImmutableX
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Momoguro is an NFT collection of 8,888 Holoself Avatars, where exploration begins in the Uno Plane world. Momoguro Universe is now expanding its presence across various platforms, including Immutable.

Baobab Studios, the Momoguro NFT collection’s creator, aims to entertain gaming, animation, and comic fans by expanding Momoguro Intellectual Property on many platforms, including mass media, streaming platforms, etc.

Momoguro’s role-playing game will be released in the second quarter of this year and will be hosted on ImmutableX. This Web3 platform will allow developers to utilize the required tools to develop games at no minting cost securely. Game developers can take leverage the platform to create games.

The story of Momoguro begins with Holoselves, the guardians of the Uno Plane world. The upcoming game Momoguro: Legends of Uno is an entry point for players’ Holoself digital collectibles. In addition to this, the players will also get exclusive access to expanding the Momoguro franchise.

Momoguro team believes NFT collectibles as a new way for creators and communities to build stories. With a proven track record of building engaging narratives and characters, the franchise is inviting participants to reshape the Momoguro universe.

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