19-year-old Artist Raises $20 mn in 24 Hrs for his Digital Artwork

19-year-old Artist Raises $20 mn
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In today’s news article, we will be covering the story of a young 19-year-old artist named Victor Langlois who has already achieved so much that one could only dream of. At this young age, he is already one of the most successful NFT artists of all time.

Back in 2020, Victor, with his online username FEWOCiOUS, started selling stickers and prints via the Twitter account for $5 each. And now, his listed digital artwork on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway got sold for about $20 million in a 24-hour limited public sale. With this sale, Langlois’ artwork became the third-highest selling art piece on Nifty Gateway.

During the 24-hour window, approximately 5000 collectors purchased Paint Drop NFTs.The digital paintings contain small blobs of paint which is the trademark style of FEWOCiOUS.

Talking about his future endeavors, Langlois stated that he is building a metaverse-style world or digital universe called FewoWorld, where all of his projects can coexist digitally. FewoWorld will be comprised of little NFT characters named Fewos.

Explaining his digital artwork, Langlois stated each Paint Drop NFT comprises a fixed number of paint that could be utilized to offer the characters special powers in Langlois’s proposed FewoWorld.

One thing is sure the 19-year-old artist’s Paint Drop sale has cemented his place among the most popular NFT artists. The recent $20 million sale takes the tally to $50 million in total sales in just a year, a huge achievement at a young age.

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