Gatorade to Enter Metaverse with Virtual Beverages

Gatorade to Enter Metaverse with Virtual Beverages
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We have seen the news of several companies and businesses entering the metaverse as a part of increasing their revenue. In our latest NFT news story, Stokely-Van Camp, INC, the popular sports drink ‘Gatorade’ manufacturer, plans to launch virtual beverages in the metaverse. It seems Gatorade wants to fuel the digital world with its wide range of virtual beverage products.

On Wednesday, April 27th, the company filed two trademark applications for the word Gatorade and the sports drink’s G-shaped logo to be used in connection with virtual beverage products and non-fungible tokens.

Gatorade is ready to launch its branded items in the metaverse as per the documents.

Gatorade plans to enter into metaverse with virtual beverages

Popular Sports Drink ‘Gatorade’ to Enter in Metaverse

As per USPTO’s current status, the whole process of reviewing the filed patent may take up to six months. According to Stokely-Van Camp, Gatorade’s name and symbol can be used in digital media artwork, music, text, and video once the patent is filed successfully.

The new filing hints at Van Camp’s vision with the Gatorade brand. But, as of now, there are no exact details on when the agency will review Van Camp’s trademark applications. So, Gatorades Web3 debut is just a matter of time.

About Gatorade

Gatorade now owned by PepsiCo is a popular sports drink consumed in 80+ countries. In 2021, the company sold $2.6 billion worth of goods in convenience shops across the US and dominated 46% of the global sports drink industry.