Hot Wheels Set to Release NFT Garage Series 2

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 2
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I always had the craze for collecting Hot Wheels cars like most other millennials or Gen-Z. Hot Wheels had become a crucial part of our culture where we used to boast about our collections.

During the pandemic, cryptocurrencies gained immense popularity, and now companies have discovered NFTs as a way of revenue generation, and Hot Wheels is no exception.

After receiving massive success for NFT Garage Series 1, Hot Wheels is set to make a comeback in the digital space with the release of NFT Garage Series 2.

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 2 features 10 licensed vehicle models spread across various available mini-collections. The cars are segregated into the following collections; Hot Wheels Flames, Hot Wheels Car Meet, Rod Squad, and Nightburnerz. You can buy the pack containing 7 cars ($25 each). At the same time, you need to note that there is a purchase limit of four (4) packs per person.

Some of the hottest vehicle models include Honda Civic Type RChevrolet Corvette C8.R and ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, the rarest of the lot. Here, the catch is that to avail these vehicles; you will have to purchase video game loot box-style packs that randomly offer you a few cars when you unlock them.

In total, there will be 184,250 NFT cards of five rarity types in Series 2. The rarity type breakdown into:

  • Base
  • Rare
  • Premium
  • NFTH
  • Show Room
184250 NFT cards in Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 2 Source: Mattel Creations Community

For more details about owning and managing the NFT Garage collection, visit Mattel Creations’ official site.