Starbucks Introduces Premium NFT Collection

Starbucks introduces premium NFT collection
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One of the renowned coffee company, Starbucks entered the world of Web3 with the launch of its premium non-fungible collection, ‘The Siren Collection,’ last week.

Starbucks launched the Starbucks Odyssey rewards program based on the Polygon network that allowed early adopters to grab a chance to mint The Siren Collection, comprised of about 2000 NFT with a floor price of $100. Later, the numbers grew to $540 as the collection viewed active participation from NFT enthusiasts.

The coffee company said that it launched the NFT collection to commemorate the journey of the Starbucks logo back when it started on 30 March 1971 in Seattle, Washington, United States. The premium collection encompasses five different versions of the Starbucks logo, each showcasing a distinct Siren expression.

Surprisingly, despite facing some issues during the launch, the Siren Collection Stamp sold out within 18 minutes.

Meanwhile, Starbucks explained the premium collection, saying,

“As Starbucks has grown over the years, the Siren has been with us, adapting and evolving to reflect the brand and the culture. The 2,000 pieces will collectively be based on five different Siren “expressions”that follow her journey from local Seattle celebrity to revered global icon.”

The launch of Starbucks’ premium collection was followed by the success of its free holiday stamp drop. A few expert data analysts anticipate that the floor price of the NFT collection will increase drastically in the future.

The NFT market is showing slight improvement as the NFT sales surpassed $2 billion in February, something positive after the market crash in May 2022.

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