Winamp to Auction Iconic 1997 Skin as an NFT

Winamp to Auction Iconic 1997 Skin as an NFT
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You may know about Winamp, the legendary media player that created a lot of buzz in the 2000s. Now, the media player company is going to launch the NFT collection linked to its original 1997 graphical skin.

The auction for Winamp’s NFT will go live on the OpenSea Marketplace from May 16th to May 22, followed by a separate sale totalling 1997 NFTs that are based on 20 artworks derived from the original skin. Of the 20 artworks, 19 of those artworks will be sold in 100 piece editions, whereas the remaining one will be sold in 97 piece editions. The total number of NFTs, i.e., 1997, represents the year when Winamp was first released.

Furthermore, Winamp Foundation promises to donate the proceeds from the sale to charity projects, starting with the Belgian non-profit Music fund.

Winamp 1997 NFTs

In a press release, Winamp’s CEO, Alexandre Saboundjian, stated that Winamp is here to support the artist community, which is driving the development of the new Winamp product. Supporting music and musicians is also why the work of the Winamp Foundation is significant.

If you want to participate in the Winamp NFT initiative, you must submit the artwork before April 15th. Winamp will reward the chosen artists with 20 percent of the proceeds from each sale of their image as an NFT. And 10 percent of the proceeds for any subsequent sales of the Art NFT.

For more details on Winamp’s NFT, visit their┬áofficial site.